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Executive Vice President of Global Military & Law Enforcement Business Operations | Global Chief Compliance Officer, Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC/Colt Defense | CESKÁ ZBROJOVKA A.S.
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Jillair is the Executive Vice President of Global Military & Law Enforcement Business Operations at Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC/Colt Defense. In this role, she is responsible for leading the Military and Law Enforcement Sales, Business Operations and Contracts & Programs teams. Colt, a member of the Colt CZ Group, has supplied small arms to the United States Government and to governments in over 100 countries around the world since 1847.

In addition, Jillair is also is the Global Chief Compliance Officer for Colt CZ Group, responsible for the compliance of all subsidiaries held under the Group, which includes Colt (USA), Dan Wesson (USA), CZ USA (USA), Colt Canada, Česká zbrojovka (Czech Republic), Brno Rifles (Czech Republic) and SPUHR (Sweden). In this role, she leads compliance teams across the globe to ensure all businesses operate in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations that govern the global firearms industry.

Prior to joining Colt, Jillair was the President of Orchid Advisors, a strategic management consultancy focused on

transforming the worlds of audit and compliance in the defense industry. In this role, she led teams to help reinvent business processes, implement technology solutions to support that change and strategically planned and monitored resulting sustainable audit and compliance cultures in organizations.

Jillair began her career with the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

(ATF). For more than a decade, she was highly regarded as one of the country’s leading experts on Federal and State firearm and explosive matters. She was regularly called upon as a liaison between the firearm and explosive industries and Washington D.C. She gained invaluable experience participating in thousands of investigations/inspections to protect public safety.

Ms. Kubish is a graduate of Temple University. She enjoys shooting and traveling internationally.

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